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Saturday, April 16, 2011

we are not alone

and then she asked, umm.. what is this you sent me?
...and i thought to myself, did i make a mistake,
nervous and kinda scared..i finally replied...its a blog.....
......followed by yet another long drawn out agonizing pause...
that i write....
its a blog that i write,
  its a blog that i write,
       its a blog that i write...
My voice repeated and repeated in my mind.
was it a mistake, i was scared,
but what came after was even greater than i could have expected.

i guess i didn't realize how hard it would be to show people this blog.
the fact is so obvious to me now.
people i care about, people that don't know.
everyone. basically.
sharing this blog is just as hard as writing this blog.

i checked my email, like i usually do.
she had written me an email response, thanking me for sharing my blog with her.
reading her email made me cry, i admit.
she said i was doing something infinitely important...that my idea for this blog was beyond brilliant.
i cant say that, that comment doesn't make me feel awesome.
i want this blog, to grow, to thrive in awesomeness.
but most of all i want it to help me,
and maybe some others along the way.

our strengths together.
our weakness and insecurities unite.
we share and are burdened with the same/but different experiences.
we are not alone.
by far, we are not alone.

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  1. you sweet lady! anything you put on the table is what i and others love about you. this is part of who you and i are. no way out or around...it simply is