a case of a childhood impaired by molestation

Monday, February 11, 2013

misunderstanding the judgement

i know sometimes i may be easily misunderstood.
my silence,
my awkwardness,
its just a permanent part of me.
sometimes my actions can be something hard to understand,
i may even make a fool out of myself.
stumbling clumsily around my words
not making myself clear at all times, i know.
and i understand,
you may judge me for it.
and i guess,
i'm sorry for that.
i'm sorry you judge so quickly,
because i without a doubt,
am feeling judged by you.
but i'm okay with that
i guess, in a way i'm use to it.
that doesn't mean i like it, in any sense.
it just means that part of my awkwardness is inevitable
inevitably being use to it.
is slightly unfortunate
this may not make too much sense
and i'm sorry that you can not take the time to understand me
just next time,
try not jumping to huge conclusions,
life is funny,
and it's not always about you,
it's not even always about me.
it's about patience and understanding