a case of a childhood impaired by molestation

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

march twenty second

that day will forever be special to me.
it was my very first day writing in this blog.
my journal.
my heart.

thank you for following.

for my silent readers,
thank you for being my inspiration to start this blog.

and to all of you who have now traded similar stories of pain and with me.
who have cried with me.
thank you for everything.
together we will heal through our tragedies.
become stronger.
and be something else,
than a victim.

everything changes

sometimes something happens and it changes everything.

that something happened to me,

or at least the beginning of that something.

i know i don't make any sense.

but give me time to heal and process things a little more
and i will explain.


i know i have been quite absent here lately,
but that is definitely a good thing.

i'm at peace.
just know this.

i'm at peace.