a case of a childhood impaired by molestation

Thursday, December 27, 2012


there's something about anger,
that i always seem to not understand.
the way it comes and goes.
it lingers.
oh, the way it lingers.

i feel content.
i feel passionate about many things.

maybe even healed, sometimes.
or maybe just a little bit.

but, this anger,
it comes up to me and shakes the shit out of me.

i can't get over it.

you are still one angry bitch!

i've tried to shake this feeling many times,
leave it behind me,
i've tried to overcome it..
and go above it.
saying i'm so much more than this!
hell, sometimes i believe myself and think i'm free.

what is this freedom?
what does it amount too?
and just how much does it cost?

we must endure/
i must endure.