a case of a childhood impaired by molestation

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


my name is daphne
i have many grey hair
i speak in a tone of much affection,
but scarcely show fear of the supernatural.
i sense tension with a bit of character,
as you whisper softly into my left ear
i can feel the moisture in your breath,
and see the hate in your eyes.
i speak as though i have experienced many things,
you speak like an innocent child
uncertain of life

my "things to do" list grows longer and longer
as my health plummets to the pit of
your stomach
you seemed puzzled with my infatuation
with god,
and my knowledge of lucifer
but it's just that you're so easily amused with people
i fear for both our lives,
now that no path is better
one a burning hell,
and the other
a slightly more modified version
with air-conditioning

my thoughts and ramblings

well. i found some of my old writing from high school.
pretty dark, compared to my writings today.
to me this was the most difficult time.
poor mr. dorna had to read all my misery.
he had to have known.
maybe that's why it genuinely seemed like he cared about me.
high school was difficult
i was alone. i felt alone.
but life is difficult.
i remember being very sad, very depressed.
not understanding anything that had happened,
the disgust and feelings of guilt left me numb with pain.
and the anger that lay inside me,
was there for anyone to see.

i know maybe you think i'm sad or depressed right now
because of my writings, but this is just my release.
like i said, this is my outlet.
i let all my bad days and nights live here.

beyond me

when you feel like i do,
heart and soul
uneasiness trembles throughout me,
beyond me
then you will know
what it feels like to be me.

people judge me
i know they do
behind their eyes
i can see it,
feel it

i swallow,
and so uncomfortably

eyes and tongues
your words spoken,
come back to me


do you know what it feels like?

make your lies.
calm your heart and soul with me

Thursday, October 13, 2011

release me

i have always given much credit of my early survival to music.
without it
i don't know where or what exactly my mental state would be.

i believe strongly in music,
its power, its charm
its whispering thoughts
surrounding me,
embracing me,
feeling my thoughts, my pasts,
my everything
with me

never judging

i lived in the music,
we escaped together
many times i would lay in my bed
choking on tears of sadness.
tears of a girl
with a lost sense of being.

i believe music heals the soul
its power, unheard of
with ever lyric full of life,
every lyric full of pain

i was released.