a case of a childhood impaired by molestation

Thursday, July 26, 2012

the truth is,
most of the time i don't know what to expect. 
i am fragile.
i am emotional.
i am many things, all the time.
i get so confused.
i'll admit most of the time, i feel so alone, surrounded by people.
i feel like screaming.
can you not see me?!
can you not see my anguish.
it is written across my heart, i bleed it.
i am almost certain that this is something that never really gets better.
it's just a haunting.
a haunting of evelyne. 
how long can it linger above me, in my dreams and in my thoughts.


  1. yes, it does get better, ev...swear

    but how sad that we have to do so much of our own healing all alone (or nearly alone)... victims have to put themselves back together, each of us in our own unique way, pick up our pieces and just cope

    1. you are totally right jules! everybody has their own different ways to cope. usually my own healing coming from loneliness. it sounds wrong, but usually after i have a very tough week, i come back even stronger. i know that must sound totally strange. but i am strange and i know that.

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  3. doesn't sound strange to me...you are about the most focused, self-directed lady i know...

    here's what i heard once: i never really know how strong i actually am until being strong is the only choice i have

    love and peace to you. sweet dreams.